Friday, April 23, 2021

Message From Managing Director

Dear Valued Clients,

Greetings from Marvelous Employment Nepal...............!!!

It’s my pleasure to welcome all of you as Managing Director of this company. I would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading human resource recruiting companies in Nepal. I always consider the fact that the human potentiality should be utilized to the maximum extent for the betterment of the world. Hence, our priority is always to bridge up the opportunities and the human resources. In short, we undertake the responsibility to provide the right worker for the right job.

In Nepal, The rate of unemployment and underemployment approaches half of the working-age population. Thus many Nepali citizens move to other countries in search of work. Top destinations include India, Qatar, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, (Gulf Countries) the United States, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, and Canada. Nepal receives $ 50 million a year through the Gurkha soldiers who serve in the Indian and British armies and are highly esteemed for their skill and bravery. As of 2010, the total remittance value is worth around $3.5 billion. In 2009 alone, the remittance contributed to 22.9% of the nation's GDP.

Your enquiry about manpower requirement will be given priority with greatest care and I fully promise that with my experienced executives and staffs who are professionally skilled for the trade and the services.

Once again, I would like to thank you for choosing Marvelous Employment Nepal as your business partner.


Managing Director

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